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Maximize Your Long-Term Health & Performance with Individualized, Results-Driven Personal Training & Injury Rehabilitation.

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Maximize Your Long-Term Health & Performance with Individualized, Results-Driven Personal Training & Injury Rehabilitation.


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Healthy Running Program

See better results with your running in a safe and effective way! The Healthy Running Training Program is your opportunity to run faster, stronger, and longer with a reduced risk of injury. Whether you need strength training, running analysis or coaching, we’ve got you covered! Available in-person in Milwaukee or virtual!

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Individualized Personal Training & Running Coaching to Ignite Your Run

Injury Rehabilitation

Get relief from your discomfort, aches, and pains through effective rehabilitation and manual therapy. Through an in-depth evaluation process, we can help you understand the root cause of your pain and address it once and for all. Join us in Milwaukee and Garrett McLaughlin will have you moving & feeling great.

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Personal Training near West Bloomfield

Online Training

If you want to get the experience of our Personal Training program but life gets in the way, we have the perfect solution. Whether you're a member who's moving out of Milwaukee or a Shorewood resident whose job takes them on the road a little too often, Virtual Personal Training can help you get personalized coaching from a distance.

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Individualized Personal Training & Running Coaching to Ignite Your Run

Functionally FIT Program

Want to get stronger, improve your range of motion, and continue to live a healthy lifestyle for years to come? Our expert coaching regimen with Garrett McLaughlin is guaranteed to keep you working hard and achieving maximum results in Milwaukee!

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Personal Training near West Bloomfield

Kerry Brennan

Being a member of Garrett’s RunStrong Challenge has significantly changed my life for the better — I am a stronger, better runner because of him. Immediately, I could tell that Garrett tru...

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Personal Training near West Bloomfield

David Jennings, DPT

I am a sports physical therapist that works with a lot of runners, Garrett is someone I trust my patients with. After a patient has graduated from their physical therapy plan of care I would recommend...

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Personal Training near West Bloomfield

Lea Ann Renner

Stop waiting...Just do it!!! Working with Garrett for the 6-week RunStrong Challenge has been a real eye opener. Through a structured strength training program, Garrett has not only gotten me back run...

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Personal Training near West Bloomfield

Tammy McKinney

After nearly a year of battling plantar fasciitis, Garrett basically nailed the issue the first time I saw him. He is extremely thorough in his functional movement testing to get to the root of the is...

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Personal Training near West Bloomfield

Jeff Smith

Garrett came highly recommended in the running community. I've never used a personal trainer before but I gave his 6 week Run Strong challenge a shot. I was struggling with a nagging leg injury and h...

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Personal Training near West Bloomfield

Vivian Davis

I’ve been working with Garrett for about 3 years now. I was looking to add strength training into my running routine hoping to prevent injuries, but didn’t really know where to start. I he...

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What Makes Garrett McLaughlin Unique?

The current system is broken. Whether it’s the fitness industry or healthcare, it’s hard to find a knowledgeable professional who has your best interest at heart..

Over the years, the line between fitness and rehabilitation has become blurred. Fortunately, we are doing a better job prioritizing function of the human body while simultaneously getting stronger and more fit.

Then why are injury rates and chronic health conditions still on the rise?

Currently, we have different professionals operating in silos based on their specialty. Garrett seeks to break down this barrier by educating & empowering his clients while merging fitness and rehabilitation together under one roof. This holistic approach is individualized and adapted to each client based on their goals and needs. And the best part is, that it’s proven to create lasting results!

Regardless of whether you’re an avid marathon runner looking for your next PR, a busy mom trying to stay healthy while wrangling the kids, or an older individual wanting to add more active years to your life, this approach will work for you. Garrett’s clients often jokingly refer to his services as the ‘anti-aging training method’ since they not only achieve their biggest health & fitness goals but move and feel the best they have in years. This includes less stiffness, pain, and physical limitations to live on your terms for years to come.

Ready to take your health, fitness, and running to the next level?

If you’re local to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Garrett is committed to helping you see the most sustainable long-term results possible. Click below to start making progress, today!

If you're interested in getting started, just fill out the short form on your screen!


Learn About the Services Garrett McLaughlin Offers

  • In-Person Sessions

    In-Person Sessions

    Discover how you can move better and feel your best with in-person training with Garrett McLaughlin! You will receive one-on-one personal training and personalized feedback to achieve your biggest health and fitness goals.

  • Virtual Sessions

    Virtual Sessions

    Busy schedule, not located near Milwaukee or simply looking for the guidance and accountability of a coach without in-person sessions? Join Garrett McLaughlin's virtual training community and enjoy a detailed training program from a distance!

  • Running Analysis & Coaching

    Running Analysis & Coaching

    It doesn't matter whether you are a seasoned runner preparing for the Boston Marathon or attempting your first 5k. We want to help you safely achieve your running goals! An in-depth running analysis and custom running plan is included to not only see better results but reduce your likelihood of injury.

  • Injury Rehab & Manual Therapy

    Injury Rehab & Manual Therapy

    If you're struggling to stay active following injury, or simply want to move & feel better, Garrett McLaughlin has the skills to get you on track! Start with a thorough evaluation and receive individualized rehabilitation and hands-on manual therapy. We will help you eliminate pain and keep your body healthy long-term!

Restoring quality back to your life with emphasis on movement and hands-on therapy.

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