• What: Recovery Strategies for the Distance Runner Learn-By-Doing Seminar
  • When: Sunday, March 15th at 11am
  • Where: Motiv8 Fitness in West Bloomfield, MI

Individualized Support


Do you want to become a faster runner, build strength and resilience, or finally resolve that nagging pain once and for all? You are at the right place! With various programs aimed at making YOU the priority, rest assured that you will be on the fast track for success while being treated with a 100% individualized approach.

Who is Garrett McLaughlin?


20140117_physiofit_0118Garrett McLaughlin is an Athletic Trainer, Movement Coach, and Certified Active Release Techniques (ART) Provider in West Bloomfield, Michigan. With years of experience working as a licensed healthcare and fitness professional, Garrett combines his many areas of expertise and delivers high quality functional training and rehabilitation programs to his clients. His services are comprehensive, and include the following:

  • Private and Small Group Functional Training
  • Orthopedic/Functional Movement Evaluation
  • Treadmill Slow Motion Running Analysis
  • Injury Rehabilitation/Active Release Techniques (ART)
  • Post-Physical Therapy Re-Conditioning/Return to Sport Training
  • Online Movement Coaching

Garrett’s clientele includes the general population, runners, and those recovering from injury. What all his clients have in common is a desire for accountability, motivation, and results.

Regardless if you live in the West Bloomfield/Metro Detroit area or are remote (online services available), click here to contact Garrett to learn more about functional training and rehabilitation services. Why wait when you can achieve your goals and/or become pain-free today!

Interested in joining a community of runners looking to run faster, longer, and with less incidence of injury? If so, the Ignite Your Run private Facebook group is just the place for you! Within this group you will learn actionable tips and strategies to improve running form, incorporate strength training, understand the nutritional side of running, and stay up-to-date on running-related research. Click below to join!