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Minimal Effective Dose: How to Preserve Endurance & Strength Over Time

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Minimal Effective Dose: How to Preserve Endurance & Strength Over Time

Welcome to the 8th edition in the Ignite Your Run Education Series. In this mini-webinar, we covered 'Minimal Effective Dose: How to Preserve Endurance & Strength Over Time.'

Life can get busy. That's why there are many times during the year where simply maintaining the gains you have created should to be the goal.

Training is not a linear process where we are always improving in all areas at times. There's this constant ebb and flow between strength training, running, and other life stressors which requires the attention to detail needed to tweak the dials properly and see sustainable long-term results.

In this 30-minute mini-webinar, we covered...

  1. Learn how to reshape your mindset and find success knowing 'Less is More'
  2. Understand the research so you can prevent a loss in running stamina & strength during vacation, family emergency, or injury
  3. More confidently execute the pre-race taper without assuming you are losing everything you have worked so hard for
  4. And much, much more!

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By: Garrett McLaughlin, MS, ATC, CSCS, ART

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