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'In the Spotlight' with Beth Ann Miazga

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'In the Spotlight' with Beth Ann Miazga

In this edition of 'In the Spotlight,' let's talk with Beth Ann "Shake & Bake" Miazga. I've had the pleasure of working with Beth Ann since October 2020 when she first enrolled in the 6-week RunStrong Challenge. Since then, we continue to turn the dials so she can build strength and resilience for the challenging demands of trail running.


Running trails is no easy feat. It's unpredictable in every way and can be tough on the body. Not to mention logging the miles on top of a busy work schedule in a demanding field like massage therapy. To her credit, Beth Ann manages it well and remains focused on the long-term goal of mitigating injury and building sustainable running.


Without further ado, let's shine the spotlight on...


Beth Ann Miazga



Q: Where are you from?


A: "Livonia, MI."


Q: What do you do for work?


A: "Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in lymphatic drainage and scar tissue therapies. Most of my clients are compromised and need special care."


Q: When you aren’t working, what are some of your favorite hobbies?


A: "Hiking, golfing, kayaking, walking my dogs Tessa, Kaley, & Budster, and rock painting."


Q: What are the top reasons you enjoy trail running?


A: "The beauty! Being in nature helps me unwind from my workday. Trails are an adventure and fun."

Q: Do you usually prefer to run solo or with a crew of running friends?


A: "I prefer to run with one or two friends. Solo I get bored as 3 miles feels more like 6."


Q: If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be? Why?


A: "Upstate New York!" Its just so beautiful. The mountains, the trails, the trees, it has many layers. Plus all seasons. 


Q: When you first started working with Garrett, what were the goals you wanted to achieve?


A: "Get relief from Hamstring pain. I couldn't sit in my car long or climb steps without major discomfort. To run faster, haha! And get stronger even though I HATED the words "strength training." Now it's injury prevention so I can continue to build strength and the ability to run into my 80s."


Q: Running is full of ups and downs when you're a hardworking and motivated person like yourself who has big goals. Have there been any injuries along the way?


A: "A few... hamstring tendinopathy injury after my 50K 3 years ago. Lots of training miles just go me weaker. My biggest was a gluteal medius/minimus tendon tear last September. I couldn't move my leg out to the side at all or barely swing forward without extreme pain."

Q: What are your biggest takeaways from these injuries which will make you a more successful runner moving forward?


A: "Strength Training works! There really is a science behind running strong. Baby steps helped. Even though I thought they wouldn't work, they did!

Also, coach Garrett helped me with other things like patience and trusting the process  as well as supportive suggestions like meditation, visualization and the importance of sleep to help speed my recovery."

Q: Word on the street is that you LOVE strength training... Is this true?


A: "NO! I hate it. The best part is when I finish. It really is a mental game so if it keeps injuries at bay Im gonna grit my teeth and do it!"


Q: Of course, strength training might not be at the top of your list for Saturday night activities. But, you continue to remain consistent regardless of this love/hate relationship. What are some of the benefits which keep you focused on the long-term grind?


A: "I really feel stronger while running. I thought just strengthening my legs and core was good enough. Not the case! So many muscles are involved while running from our neck to our toes and everything in between."


Q: What is that one thing you dislike the most but continue to work on because you know it will help?


A: "Is this a trick question? Hahaha! Hamstring work."


Q: How do you feel Garrett’s services may differ from other professionals in his field?


A: "He takes the time to understand my individual needs. We regularly adapt the program and change things around to help me be successful."


Q: Looking ahead, do you have any new goals/races you are working towards?


A: I'd like to conquer another 50K. My main goal is to continue having fun while running and, I've found in order to do this, I need to continue strengthening with the help of my coach, Garrett. Thank you!"

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