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Glute Training for Runners

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Glute Training for Runners

Welcome to the 6th edition in the Ignite Your Run Education Series. In this mini-webinar, we covered 'Glute Training for Runners.'

The glueals are comprised of three muscles at the hip which provide strength, stabilization, and power during movement. While running, these muscles connect the femur and pelvis to stabilize and align the lower limb which helps create efficient running form. Not to mention the bigger gluteus maximus' role in extension & push-off. But, let me ask you... are you targeting this area properly to improve performance and reduce your likelihood of injury?

In this 30-minute mini-webinar, we covered...

  1. Basic anatomy and physiology of the glutes
  2. How neglecting these ‘other’ areas of the body can impact the glutes
  3. Simple exercises to improve neuromuscular activation, strength, & stabilization
  4. Q&A

To watch the free replay, click the video below.

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By: Garrett McLaughlin, MS, ATC, CSCS, ART

Restoring quality back to your life with emphasis on movement and hands-on therapy.

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