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Fireside Chat with Cassandra McCoy, ATC - "Pelvic Floor & Women's Health"

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Fireside Chat with Cassandra McCoy, ATC - "Pelvic Floor & Women's Health"

Welcome to the Fireside Chat! This series was designed to provide runners and the general population easy to absorb information regarding running mechanics, nutrition, strength training, and injury prevention. As the series progresses, we will cover a myriad of topics and speak with different professionals in the health & running community.

In this 10th edition, we had a great conversation with guest, Cassandra McCoy, ATC. Cassandra is a licensed athletic trainer and women’s health professional in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The pelvic floor is a commonly overlooked area of the human body. And truth is, it’s rarely talked about which does a disservice to women and men who suffer from injury, urinary incontinence, and/or a myriad of other conditions created by pelvic floor dysfunction. Whether you are recovering from child birth or having difficulty holding your bladder, Cassandra will teach you the basics so you can function your best.

In this Fireside Chat, we covered a variety of topics, including…

  1. What is the pelvic floor?
  2. Common injuries and issues from pelvic floor dysfunction
  3. Why we need to remember the pelvic floor when we return to exercise pre/post-partum & following injury/surgery
  4. Why the pelvic floor shouldn’t be trained in isolation
  5. Q&A

Click the video below to instantly watch the replay of this chat!


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Here are additional resources regarding today’s chat and how to learn more about Cassandra McCoy, as well as her in-person & virtual services…

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By: Garrett McLaughlin, MS, ATC, CSCS, ART

Restoring quality back to your life with emphasis on movement and hands-on therapy.

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