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Injury Prevention for Runners (FREE Webinar Replay)

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Injury Prevention for Runners (FREE Webinar Replay)

Injury prevention is a hot topic in the running world, and for good reason. Runners are searching for the best strategies to stay injury-free and thriving within the sport. But, is preventing injury actually attainable?

In this webinar, I presented on the topic of injury prevention by thoroughly reviewing the research. What I found was a lot of conflicting information compared to what is commonly seen around the running community. It’s my hope that you will use this to be more objective and fine tune your program to create the best results possible.

What you’ll learn is…

  • The most common running-related injuries
  • Which risk factors are associated with injury
  • Important injury prevention tactics and their effectiveness
    • Foam rolling
    • Static stretching
    • Strength training
  • The role of footwear in reducing your injury risk
  • Q&A

Click the video below to watch the free webinar replay!


I hope you enjoy this webinar! Click here to set up your FREE phone consultation to understand how to individualize these strategies to your needs and learn more about the Healthy Running Program.

By: Garrett McLaughlin, MS, ATC, CSCS, ART

Restoring quality back to your life with emphasis on movement and hands-on therapy.

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