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The In-Season Strength Training Formula for Runners (FREE Webinar Replay)

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The In-Season Strength Training Formula for Runners (FREE Webinar Replay)

Strength training is an important strategy for any runner. What's necessary to consider is where you are in relation to your goal race in order to incorporate the best strength program that improves your running without increasing the risk of overtraining. More is never better and this is especially true during the "in-season."

What is the in-season when most runners are typically training year round? This webinar will help you better understand that so you can follow a periodized strength training and running program to truly enhance your long-term results.

Recently, I held a FREE 60-minute webinar on the topic of 'In-Season Strength Training Formula for Runners.' Please watch this webinar replay and understand how you can incorporate a structured and specific strength training program to crush your next goal race.

In this FREE webinar replay, what you’ll learn is…

  • The rules of in-season strength training
  • The best exercises for runners
  • How to successfully navigate the taper
  • Q&A

Click the video below to watch the free webinar replay!


I hope you enjoyed this webinar! Comment below or contact me directly if you have any questions or comments regarding this content. And, if you want to implement the best strategies possible while getting stronger, running faster, and become a more healthy version of yourself, click the programs tab to learn more about the Healthy Running and Functionally F.I.T. Programs.

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