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How to Improve Your Running with an Effective Pre-Run Routine (FREE Webinar Replay)

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How to Improve Your Running with an Effective Pre-Run Routine (FREE Webinar Replay)

Having an effective dynamic warm-up in place will not only help you improve the quality of your run for that day but can overall reduce your likelihood of injury, improve running economy, and pay dividends moving forward. However, most runners are neglecting the dynamic warm-up altogether or going about it all wrong!

Recently, I held a 60-minute webinar to talk about the basics behind implementing a proper pre-run routine. This is super important if you are not warming up or looking for a fool proof system and drills to see more success with your running. Instead of going into your runs cold, I recommend shifting your focus to do the little things which will positively impact your running over the long haul.

In this FREE webinar replay, what you'll learn is...

  • Why the dynamic warm-up matters (3:47)
  • To stretch or not to stretch? (14:40)
  • The rules of an effective pre-run routine (17:28)
  • A simple and fool proof dynamic warm-up system (23:28)
  • Specific drills & exercises to include pre-run (30:01)
  • The impact of plyometrics on running economy (46:16)
  • Q&A (57:21)

Click the video below to watch the free webinar replay!


I hope you enjoy this webinar! Comment below or contact me directly if you have any questions or comments regarding this content. And, if you want to implement the best strategies to improve your running, click to learn more about the Healthy Running Program.

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