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FREE Seminar - Strength Training 101 for Runners

FREE Seminar - Strength Training 101 for Runners in Milwaukee

Build Strength, Improve Running Performance, & Reduce Your Likelihood of Injuries!

Let me ask you...

Are you wondering if strength training can help you increase running speed & performance to achieve that long awaited PR?

Have you struggled with different running-related injuries and simply want to run pain-free?

Are you already incorporating strength training but wondering if your exercises are the best use of your time?

If you answered 'YES' to any of those questions, this FREE 60-minute seminar will be perfect for you!

On Sunday, December 4th at 10am, we will be hosting an in-person seminar on 'Strength Training 101 for Runners.' This is your opportunity to learn how to create a strength training program that fits seamlessly around your running plan. One that builds running speed, strength, stability, power, AND resilience to injury. 

In this learn-by-doing seminar, we will discuss the following:
1. The key strength training principles that should guide your training
2. Which lower body and core exercises create results rather than waste your time
3. Why strength training = injury prevention when structured properly
4. Q&A to get your specific questions answered

Join us on Sunday, December 4th at 10am to learn simple and effective strength training strategies that will truly enhance your running. 
**Note: This is a learn-by-doing seminar. That means we will actually practice these strategies together so you can better grasp the content. Please dress in athletic clothing and be prepared for some light movement.

Event Date/Time: 12/4/2022 10:00 AM

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  • Voucher Cannot Be Redeemed After Event ( 12/4/2022 10:00 AM )